twisted wonderland characters as songs i like

twisted wonderland characters as songs i like

i thought this would be a fun video then i forgot i overthink everything and i ended up taking 8 months on and off to finally get a song for everyone 😀

um if you’re curious of my song choices and why i chose them, i’ll do a brief explaination for each. most of it is just lyrics that i thought matched the character pretty well.

riddle: aishite aishite aishite
the lyrics kinda describe a kid who tries to overachieve in order to get attention from others. just thought it resonated with riddle since he also overachieves and tries to be the best since his mom taught him to be that way.

ace: guys don’t like me
y’know the lyrics are pretty sassy like ace, lol. in general the person singing does kinda like dodge the blame and say it’s the other person’s fault that they’re girlfriend is attracted to him. kinda like how ace never blames himself even when he’s at fault

deuce: white noise
uh this is one of the openings to Tokyo Revengers and i think deuce is very similar to the main character Takemichi Hanagaki. if you don’t know, tokyo revengers is about Takemichi going back in time to save his childhood lover, Hina, after making the mistake of abandoning her. Takemichi and deuce both make efforts to fix their past wrong doings which i think is very cool 😀 also they’re both delinquents so yeah

cater: idol
he’s a lot like Ai Hoshino from Oshi No Ko. if you don’t know who she is, she’s basically an idol who often fakes her emotions to please others. this is kinda similar to cater who also fakes him emotions so he appears as a carefree person to others

trey: honeymoon un deux trois
i just thought this was a very sweet song that trey would sing. that’s it, lol

leona: good loyal thots
he’s just the kind of person to say this to someone’s face, lol

jack: monster
the lyrics talk about being weak and wanting to become strong for the sake of the person they love. i think this resonates with jack pretty well since he also wants to become a stronger person. also the opening to beastars and jack is a beastman, so, lol

ruggie: shinigami
there’s lyrics like “where are you going with that dirty money,” and stuff which i think resonate well with ruggie for obvious reason, lol. also the lyrics in the bridge translate to “alright, what needs to get taken care of,” which makes sense since ruggie does a lot of stuff for money and food, especially doing stuff for leona since leona is a lazy dorm leader, lol

azul: villain
i feel like this songs matches him pretty well since he’s very obvious with the fact that he isn’t a good person and he does pretty shady stuff.

jade: psycho
i think the way the singer kind sings about being a psychopath and doing crazy stuff in such a calm way is really representative of how jade acts. he’d just casually threaten you in a formal tone, y’know?

floyd: matoryoshka
the general vibe of this song is pretty crazed and frantic which i think matches floyd’s personality pretty well

kalim: at god’s mercy
very upbeat song to match a very upbeat boy! the lyrics in this clip talk about feasting and drinking which i think suits kalim since he loves having banquets

jamil: reach
this was a song basically made for characters with the same dynamic as kalim and jamil. the singer yearns to be as good at the other, but can never be for certain reasons, and they’re bitter because of it

vil: fashion
he’s very fashion fabulous

epel: boys will be bugs
he can be pretty rough and mean sometimes so i think these lyrics match him pretty well

rook: judas
i picture rook singing this as he debates between being in love with rook or neige, lol

idia: overdose
in this song, the singer has a very pessimistic view on life and his chances at love which is pretty similar to how idia acts all the time. also general vibe of the song makes me think of him

ortho: therefore you and me
i can imagine ortho basically singing the lyrics to idia trying to convince him to have a positive outlook on life. very sweet boy

malleus: good little girl
whenever you see malleus in the story he is always like “damn human, why aren’t you scared of me,” so y’know, these lyrics match that pretty well.

lilia: the vampire
he is vampire 🙂

silver: everything goes on
based kinda on the recent story in book 7 [SPOILERS FOR BOOK 7 CHAPTER 5 AND BEYOND] i think this would represent silver well since y’know, despite everything that happened in the past between lilia and his ancestor, the dawn night, lilia still took him in. i think that kind of matches the “don’t try to make yourself remember, don’t look for me i’m just a story you’ve been told.” ..yeah 😀

sebek: yoruwahonoka
song (from what i understand) describes a lonely boy who wishes to be loved. i think this kinda resonates sebek in a way,, idk lol i tried